Aim & Scope

The Journal of Agricultural Engineering (JAE) is a peer-reviewed Journal and publishes interdisciplinary basic and applied research manuscripts of engineering and technology to address agricultural, food, and biological systems’ problems.  Manuscripts describing engineering innovations for management of natural resources, farm mechanisation, post-harvest management, energy-use in agriculture, application of engineering principles in management of field crops, horticulture, livestock, dairy, fisheries and those reporting research seeking to understand and model the physical processes underlying agricultural systems are welcome. The journal publishes papers of both theoretical and applied nature, with a special focus on experimental research, new design criteria, numerical modelling and innovative approaches relating to all fields of agricultural engineering and technology. This journal uses double-blind review process.

The Journal of Agricultural Engineering accepts only original research papers, and submission of a manuscript will be considered to imply that no similar manuscript has been or is being submitted elsewhere. The following three types of manuscripts are invited for publication:

  • Original research manuscript: Report results of original research, significant findings of original research, and materials should not have been previously published elsewhere. Research manuscripts are the normal type of papers published and make up the main content of the Journal. They should not normally exceed 15 Journal pages.

  • Review manuscript: Intended to be in-depth studies of the state-of-the-art in a chosen subject that provide new insights or interpretation of the subject through thorough and systematic evaluation of available evidences. They should not normally exceed 15 Journal pages.

  • Research Note: Reports a concise, but complete, description of a limited or preliminary investigation, enabling important scientifically proven findings to be speedily communicated, and facilitate the reporting of work not meriting a full-length research manuscript. They should not exceed Journal pages.