Preprint Policy

A ‘preprint’ is an early version of a manuscript, created prior to the version accepted for publication. JAEI editorial guidelines require that the contents of a manuscript submitted to the journal has not been previously published in any form, or be under simultaneous review for publication, in part or in whole by any other publisher.

Deposition of a preprint in any recognised platform shall not be viewed as a prior publication. The authors are, however, required to include details of a preprint posting, including DOI or other persistent identifier, while submitting their manuscript to the JAEI. Authors should not add / enhance material to the Pre-print of a manuscript in any way that appear more like, or to substitute for, the final version of the manuscript. Upon receipt of acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the JAEI, the corresponding author must agree to the terms of the relevant publishing agreement. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are required to update the preprint to acknowledge that the article has been accepted for publication as follows:

This article with due revisions has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Agricultural Engineering (India), published by the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE).”

After the final version of the work is published in the JAEI, the preprint shall be immediately linked with the published version (the ‘Version of Record’) by the corresponding author(s). The authors are also required to immediately add the following text to their preprint to encourage others to read the published version of their article:

This is an original version of manuscript of an article, and subsequently published by the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) in the Journal of Agricultural Engineering (India) on [date of publication], available online:  with [Article DOI].”