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Vol. 61 No. 2 (2024)
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The Journal of Agricultural Engineering (India) [JAEI] [ISSN: 0256-6524 (Print); 0976- 2418 (online)] is an English language, peer-reviewed, subscription-based journal published quarterly by the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE), New Delhi. JAEI publishes original research articles of both theoretical and applied nature, with a special focus on experimental research, new design criteria, mathematical modelling, and innovative approaches and emerging technologies in the fields of agricultural engineering and technology addressing problems of agricultural, food, and biological systems. The journal encourages submission of manuscripts by authors of any country/region, irrespective of their memberships with the ISAE. Only manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the aims and scope of the JAEI are considered for publication. This journal uses double-blind review process for the submitted manuscripts.  A decision on acceptance / non-acceptance of a manuscript is taken after due consideration of peer-review reports, recommendation of the Editor, and examination of the content of the manuscript by the Editorial Board. Submission of a manuscript to the journal does not guarantee eventual publication in the JAEI. An accepted manuscript is published without any charges towrads submission/ processing/ surcharge for length, colour illustrations, or supplementary data. The corresponding author of each published paper is provided with a soft copy of the published article free of cost. Members of the ISAE, however, regularly receive full issues of all volumes of the journal. To encourage submission of high-quality research manuscripts, the ISAE announces each year Best Paper Awards and Best Reviewer Awards.

Published: 2024-06-30

Regular Issue

  • Performance Evaluation of Variable Rate Spraying System under Simulated Conditions

    Deepak Thorat, C R Mehta, K N Agrawal, Bikram Jyoti, Manoj Kumar, N S Chandel (Author)
  • Influence of Operational Parameters of Cutting Blade on Torque Requirement and Cutting Index of Cassava Stem

    Bikram Jyoti, Ajay Kumar Roul, Rahul Potdar, Manoj Kumar, Balaji Murhari Nandede, Bhupendra singh Parmar, Senthil kumar T, Kathirvel K, Divaker C D (Author)
  • Ergonomic Assessment of Walk-behind Battery-powered Two-wheel Weeder

    Shiv Pratap Singh spsingh, Uday M Kiran, Adarsh Kumar, Utpal Ekka Ekka, R S Bana, V Ramasubramanian (Author)
  • Uni-axial Compression Loading and Cutting Behaviour of Cocoa Pods (Theobroma cacao L.) as related to Pod Breaking

    Dr. Arulmari,R , Er. Paris Ashok Yadav, R VISVANATHAN (Author)
  • Post-Harvest Management of Fruits in India: A Review

    Shabanam Kumari, Devinder Dhingra (Author)
  • Morphometric and Principal Component Analysis Based Approaches for Prioritization of Rupnagar Watershed of Punjab, India

    Dr.Pravin Dahiphale, Sourabh Kewat, Sashikanta Sahoo (Author)
  • Profitability of Rainwater Harvesting Pond-based Integrated Farming Systems in Coastal Plains of Western India: A Case Study

    K. D. Patil, S. S. Khobragade, J. J. Palkar, S. B. Dodake, M. R. Wahane, D. K. Borse, K. P. Vaidya, M. J. Kaledhonkar, B. L. Meena (Author)
  • Spatio-temporal Variations of Green Gram Evapotranspiration in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra, India

    Harsha pawar, V. K. Ingle, H. W. Awari, U. M. Khodke (Author)
  • Spatio-Temporal Variability and Trend Analysis of Long-Term Rainfall in Parbati River Basin, Rajasthan

    ABHISHEK AGRAWAL, Mahesh Kothari, Rahul Kumar Jaiswal, Pradeep Kumar Singh, Sita Ram Bhakar, Kamal Kishore Yadav, Sanjay Kumar Jain (Author)
  • Impact of Check Dams on Runoff and Sedimentation in Data-scarce Fatehsagar Lake Catchment, Rajasthan, India

    Sanjay Kumar, Deepesh Machiwal, R.C. Purohit (Author)
  • Energy Input-Output Analysis for Onion Production in Major Onion Growing Areas of Karnataka State

    A CAROLIN RATHINAKUMARI, G SENTHIL KUMARAN, Venu, S.A, Ashok Suraj, A.R Murugesh Huchagoudar, Surendra, A.R. (Author)
  • Performance of Micro-scale Gasifier based Power Generation Unit using Pigeonpea Stalk Pellets with Mass and Energy Flow Analyses

    Sandip Mandal, Krishnadip Sahu (Author)
  • Mathematical Modelling of Solar Tunnel Dried Ginger (Zingiber officinale L.) Slices

    Jijnasha Bal, D. K. Vyas, Sravankumar Jogunuri, F.G. Sayyad (Author)
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