Withdrawal Policy

The Editorial Board of the journal in principle discourages withdrawal of manuscripts submitted to the journal as it causes wastage of productive time and productive efficiency of the editors, reviewers, and others associated with processing of the manuscript. The authors, therefore, should carefully assess suitability of the requirements and policies of the JAEI for their manuscript before submitting it to the journal.

A formal written request is required to be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief by the corresponding author for withdrawal of a manuscript, clearly stating the reasons for the withdrawal request. The request must be signed by all authors listed in the manuscript. Decision on the request shall be communicated to the corresponding author. However, in case a withdrawal request is received any time after completion of the review process and/or communication of acceptance of a manuscript, the Editorial Board shall debar the author(s) from submitting new manuscript for a maximum period of three years. Withdrawn article is archived in our database and not further acted upon.